2 brothers take turns to rape their 96-year-old great-grandmother

The incident which has elicited a huge reactions from different people, has been regarded as barbaric and sordid.

The police have effected the arrest of the suspects and a date has been fixed for the duo to appear in court.

According to report,  the 15-year-old boy and his 19-year-old brother were expected to appear in court for allegedly repeatedly raping their 96-year-old great-grandmother.

The rapes are alleged to have started in December in QwaQwa, Free State but the family only laid a charge this past Sunday because the teenagers had continued raping the old woman.

Eastern Free State police spokesperson Sergeant Mmako Mophiring said it all started in December when the family took the old woman to a doctor after it had been found that she had been raped.

The doctor is alleged to have confirmed that the old woman had indeed been violated.

Instead of alerting the police, the family is alleged to have spoken to the boys about the matter and told them to never do it again.

However, the boys allegedly continued raping the old woman which prompted the family to finally lay charges this past Sunday.

“On Sunday a case of rape was opened and our team went on a manhunt. Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful as the suspects were not found,” Mophiring said

“On Monday, the older suspect,19, handed himself over to the Family Child Protection and Sexual Offence unit at Makwane Police station and this led to the arrest of the second suspect age 15,” he added.

The minor’s case was expected to be heard on Tuesday while his brothers were set for February 27 at Makwane Magistrate Court.

Mophiring also added that the old woman had stab wounds on her body and it was unclear if she had been stabbed by the two suspects.


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