2 foreigners caught inside mattresses at the border

Security forces intercepted mattresses that contained two men who were about to illegally enter Europe.

According to report, the  desperate plight of migrants has been laid bare after two people were discovered hidden inside sealed mattresses as they attempted to reach Europe from Africa.

Video of the two men shows police lifting the single mattresses, wrapped in plastic, off the top of a white van at a check-point between Melilla, on the north African coast, and Morocco.

As border officers begin cutting one of the mattresses open with a knife, a man – who appears dazed and is dressed in a black and white T-shirt with black jeans – pokes his head out and sits up before wiping his eye and looking around.

As the other mattress is being cut open, another barefoot man – in a blue logo T-shirt and denim jeans – gets out and then sits on the road.

The footage was shared on Twitter by Spanish senator Jon Inarritu.

He wrote: “As long as there are no safe routes to request asylum, situations like this will continue to occur in the southern border of Europe.”

The two males – thought to be sub-Saharan youths – were said to be in good health and did not require medical assistance.

Two inflatable boats carrying 12 men from Syria and Iran were intercepted on December 28, adding to 82 people detained since Christmas Day.
Border Force officials brought the men to shore at Dover and handed them over to immigration officials to be interviewed.

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