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2 Security officials shot in the upper body in patrol vehicle in Joburg, firearms looted

The insecurity in the country is getting horrific. Security officials seem to be the target of criminals.

The victims, were killed in plain view of bystanders and motorists while sitting in their car in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, on Monday night.

Isec Security wrote on Facebook: “Hillbrow GP 2 Chubb officers killed in their vehicle. Firearms stolen. Condolences to the families.”

Video footage shows the car windows are slightly open when two suspects approach the car from the right and two from the left. One suspect put his arm into the car window. It is unclear what happens after that.

Later a bystander approaches, seemingly wanting to share in the loot. One of the suspects walks around the car and shoots at something off-screen.

A motorist parked behind the patrol vehicle reverses to get away from the shooting.

Police spokesperson captain Mavela Masondo said the suspects remain at large.

“It is alleged that the victims, aged 45 and 50, were sitting inside the Chubb Security vehicle at the corner of Caroline and Claim streets in Hillbrow when they were accosted by about five suspects who shot at them.

“The two security guards were shot in the upper body and certified dead on the scene. A firearm was taken from one the victims.”

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