3262 children Aged between 10 & 14 gave Birth in the past year in SA

South Africa continue to grapple with severe health risk associated to girl child pregnancy.

The alarming question, is who are those responsible for these sordid acts of violation to towards innocent kids?

Shocking statistics have revealed that more than 3262  girl children aged between 10 and 14 became mothers in South Africa in the past  year.

The Recorded Live Births report, which is commissioned by Statistics South Africa, showed that a total of 3 261 girl children aged between 10 and 14 were registered as mothers in South Africa last two years. Of the 3 261, 1 959 registered the births late, which meant the babies were born earlier, but alerted government of their births last year.

The report also showed that there were more than 100 000 teenagers who gave birth last year.

The report showed that 119 645 young women aged between 15 – 19, registered births in 2017. Of the 119 645 births, more than 97 000 births were from 2017, while 22 000 were registered late – which meant the children were not born on the year of their registration with government.

“The high proportion of births registered later than the year of occurrence were observed for age groups 10−14 years and 50−54 years is also observed in the unspecified or age category outside 10−54 years.”

“For this age group (50-54) about 72% of the births were registered later than the year of occurrence. It is possible that those registering these births might not be the biological parents of the children and hence the late registrations,” the report stated.

The Recorded Live Births report, which is commissioned by Statistics South Africa, showed that a total of 3 261 girl children aged between 10 and 14 became registered mothers in South Africa last year.
Source: Recorded Live Births 2017, Statistics South Africa

Key issues are that the minimum age of consent for pregnancy

The age of consent in South Africa is 16. Children under the age of 12 are considered by the law to be incapable of consenting, so a sexual act with a child under that age constitutes rape or sexual assault. Children between 12 and 16 are considered capable of consenting but not mature enough to consent, so a sexual act with such a child constitutes statutory rape or statutory sexual assault.

Someone who commits an alleged act of statutory rape may be arrested and charged even if the other party hasn’t pressed charges.

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Parents, if you suspect your child under the age of 16 is sexually active, what should you do?
Report it to the police
Ask for help from a counsellor
Ban my child from continuing that relationship.

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5 thoughts on “3262 children Aged between 10 & 14 gave Birth in the past year in SA”

  1. What is the deal with photo that appears on the FB post? That child is maybe 5.

  2. Why is there no comments here? Go look at those children’s sxhool curriculums and you will find the reason why and while you there line us the teachers who are willingly sacrificing our kids on the alter of comprehensive sex education and putting the blame on parents to discredit the role of a parent in a child’s life so that the state can have influence over our children who are their biggest supporters. Sick society Lord bring healing into the minds of todays so called adult leaders who cause these atrocities? Amen

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  4. What a disgrace for our country and, nation as a whole. Who’s responsible for all of this? Parents and social ills of the poorest of the poor. Or those who are simply taking advantage of our kids and as such exploiting poverty.

    Whoever is to be blamed for this should all be brought to book. And, be severely dealt with by our justice system. In terms of race and ethnicity in which racial groups do this phenomena appear the most?

  5. Have conversations with children about sex!!!!!

    Thousands of girls fall pregnant, but parents still do not talk to their children about sex and about planning it and about birth control options. Stop pretending that children are non-sexual and stop imagining them as never having sex.

    We have to raise our girls with more confidence. Give them pernission to be powerful. Teach them how to negotiate consent. And teach and support them to use birth control if they are having sex.

    We also have to raise our boys to be more respectful, considerate and wise. And we have to hold boys and men accountable for their wrongful actions and stop blaming girls and women for the sexually violating actions of men.

    We must have conversations with our girls and our boys about consent. How to ask for it first. How to respect it. How not to disrespect it. How sex without consent is rape, and how consent can be invalid sometimes for example if the person is drunk or below the age of consent.

    We must teach children about sexual offences too so they know the difference between consensual sex and rape, and between consensual sexual activity and sexual violations, and between flirting and harassment.

    We must change the power relations between adults and children too so that children feel free and empowered to say no to an adult. And that they may feel safe to tell people when an adult is abusing them.

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