4 drug barons arrested in Hillbrow by JMPD K9, Limpopo Crime Intelligence

The menace of drug smuggling is getting worrisome and irksome by the day.

Four  suspects have been arrested by JMPD K9, Limpopo Crime Intelligence, DPCI, Tracker Connect and  the EMPD special task team during a integrated drug bust in Hillbrow. Drugs (Nyaope & KAT) worth millions were seized.

According to reactions from Michael Shenehage Great Work!!
Keep it up, all drug dealers, no matter what nationality, sow misery, sorrow, helplessness, and social disasters, to whomever the users are.
It is a difficult situation and even more concerning, that many youngsters become users.
We need to  condemn drug dealing and root out this evil wherever it occurs.
Please don’t make it an ethnic or racial issue, it is a National matter in South Africa and very challenging for all population groups. We need to work together to halt this evil!

Another reaction form Marilyn Boyter says: Awesome bust well done to the law enforcers but then we know that they will probably be out on bail within 4 hours or depending how long it takes to charge them cause from experience I know their legal team was as the cop shop even before they arrived.


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