49-year-old woman hit over the head with concrete slab by attacker, dies in hospital

A 49-year-old woman who was hit over the head with concrete slab by attacker, has died in the hospital.

The attack on women has increased in recent times, and is it getting more disturbing.

The traumatised family is now relying on justice to be served to the attacker, who absconded but was later caught by the police.

The Police  arrested the suspect in the murder of Jill Fernandez, 49, of Bonteheuwel, who died in hospital following an alleged brutal public assault by someone she allegedly knew well.
Fernandez was rushed to hospital after allegedly being hit over the head with a concrete slab on Saturday night.

The police are in the process of conducting a post-mortem to determine the cause of her death.

Her brother, Kurt Fernandez, said his sister’s death was three years to the day after her son, Duwayne Fernandez, was shot and killed in an alleged gang-related incident.

“This comes exactly on the same day, December 22, on the exact same corner where we lost my nephew, her son,” he said.

“Our family is still dealing with our loss but we understand that this person has handed himself over to police.

“At this time we do not wish to say any more. We will speak to the media once we have had a chance to grieve my sister.”

Fernandez said his sister’s remains were still with the police. Details of her funeral would be announced within a week.

Ward councillor Angus McKenzie said his office had provided counselling to a family member and he would support the family with funeral arrangements.

According to McKenzie, the family were also discussing taking further action, following reports that the suspect had been released on parole at the time of the murder.



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