53-year-old Indian Woman arrested while trying to Sell her grandson for R2000 in KZN


A 53-year-old Indian woman has been arrested by Members of Reaction Unit South Africa while attempting to sell a three (3) year old child for R2000 in cash.

The woman (attired in pink top in pictures) walked into an electronic store on Moss Street – Verulam & offered the child to two women at the counter. The female explained that the child was her grandson & that she needed R2000. During the conversation the employees of Lee’s Electronics contacted the owner of the business who also spoke to the woman who is not known to them. The woman offered to hand the child over with the birth certificate & a letter that she would not claim the child back if she was given the money in cash. The store owner Rickesh Roopan contacted the RUSA Operations Center for assistance when the woman left to fetch the birth certificate.

Reaction Officers arrived on scene at 13:56 (Friday) and apprehended the woman who attempted to leave upon noticing an approaching marked Response Vehicle. Officers removed the child from her care.

Upon questioning the female , she initially informed Reaction Officers that she had no knowledge of the incident. When confronted with an audible video recording the woman explained that she was joking regarding the sale of the child. She further informed Officers that the child lived with her in Temple Valley – Verulam after her 26 year old daughter moved to Pinetown- KZN with a new boyfriend & abandoned the child. The woman added that the childs father had also abandoned him. The 3 year old was not registered with the Gome Affairs after his birth as there was a dispute regarding of the biological father. She had no financial income & had to take the child to the a Government Hospital for a vaccination earlier today & was given a run around by nurses. She then left the hospital and met the two woman at the store on route home & during a conversation had requested the cash.

The woman was then placed under arrest by Reaction Officers & handed over to the South African Police Service in Verulam at 14:37 today (Friday).

The suspect, witnesses & the child were handed over to the SAPS. The Child Welfare & the child’s mother have been contacted and are currently on route to the Police Station. An update will follow soon.


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