6 people fighting for life after poisoning in Cape Town

A critical situation has raised serious suspicion.

Six people are in serious to critical conditions after a suspected poisoning incident in Wetton, Cape Town.

ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said on Monday that there were no known connections between the six people and that they were separately affected at three or four different spots along a two-road stretch in the suburb.

They displayed similar symptoms.

A respondent noted that the people collapsed at three different places along the busy road in Lansdowne.

Wayne Dyason from the city’s Law Enforcement Unit said officers were on patrol in Wetton Road when they were told about three men and a woman who had collapsed at a bus stop.

“They were receiving medical attention from paramedics on scene and one of them was experiencing convulsions,” he said. “While the paramedics were treating them, it was reported that another person was lying on the pavement in Walnut Road and another on St Joseph’s Road and Wetton Road.”


While details remained sketchy, Meiring said it was “believed to be some sort of poisoning incident”.

He said paramedics attended the scene just after 13:30. They did not have any further details and were unable to say whether something that the six people had eaten caused their symptoms.

Authorities were on scene and the injured people were transported to nearby hospitals.


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