9-year-old school boy dragged into the bathroom and raped inside school


The criminal act of the alleged rapist is under investigation.

Many are still alarmed at the barbaric and shameless behaviour of the suspect.

The family of the boy has is reported to be traumatised.

Police are investigating a case of rape after a nine-year-old boy was allegedly dragged into a bathroom and raped at a Curro Academy school.

Police spokesperson Lt-Col. Adele Myburgh said the boy was waiting for transport to pick him up after school last week.

She said the child was allegedly grabbed and dragged into a bathroom. The identity of the suspect is unknown.

The incident happened at around 2pm on February 13.

Curro Holdings spokesperson Mari Lategan said the matter was under internal investigation and has been prioritised at the highest level.

Lategan said to protect the interests and privacy of the individuals involved, no further information would be released.

“We are also fully co-operating with Saps in regard to the alleged incident and will not, for the safety and privacy of those involved, issue detailed commentary nor jeopardise the integrity of the investigations,” she added.

“Speculation, conjecture and unsolicited commentary, in our opinion, will be harmful to those involved, as well as the investigations.”


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