If Cape Town (Western Cape) is a giant suburb, graced with leafy trees, clean roads and freshly cut lawn; and Johannesburg is one big dirty township, where Blacks effectively do anything to exploit, rob, rape and murder one another just to be “successful”.

Then Africa as a whole must be one colossal rural area, where the inhabitants are still stuck in the 1800’s, and are sitting under a tree, waiting for a chief (their president, usually a warmongering, militant dictator or a renowned thief) to provide a plan for a better tomorrow.

This is not only key to their survival. It also forms an inherent part of the African Character.

You can cross the South African border and easily realize that, damn! The people in the Eastern Cape, with all their love for relentless ANC failure and looting that has left that once beautiful province to be the most powerful epitome of Poverty and Suffering in the country; actually have it good!

Especially when millions of Africans leave their Independent countries every year, only to settle in the most Industrialized country in Africa. Why?

Why would Africans leave their home countries, and settle where there is so much “Racism”, “Colonialism”, “White privilege” and “White Monopoly Capital”; only to work or be educated by the White man in Cape Town or East London, if Africans are so adept at developing themselves, without the assistance of the “Evil Caucasian”?

Who in their right minds renders himself to the devil for bread, decent education (when compared with most African countries), clean water, electricity, decent roads, racial/cultural diversity and most importantly, more socio-economic opportunities; when they know that the devil can only offer Hell as a return?

It is because Africans themselves know very well that Africans are the most incompetent, useless, shortsighted species on the planet Earth when it comes to running a country. They are totally incapable of uplifting their own people, and ascending them to the pillars of World Greatness that they deserve the most.

Instead, African “leaders” focus more on self-enrichment (without State power, they wouldn’t even be worthy shepherds. Look at Zuma or Syrupy Cyril or even Egypt), simply because they know that most Africans view this as a legitimate right for a leader. A leader they inherently regard as an autocratic chief, with absolute power.

A chief they cannot dare question, lest they invite the wrath of God, who appointed the chief to lead them as docile sheep in the wilderness.

This is the overall mentality of Africans: They are docile sheep who need a worthless shepherd to lead them, and feed them, because they cannot do it themselves. You see this mentality even when some of these sheep ascend into State power, they cannot govern without Foreign AID (from Europe or the US), and most recently, without China.

Then you wonder why Africans keep the same people who impoverish them, advance their diseases (Africa, the home of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, and many other deadly diseases that are intertwined with Poverty, and Unemployment), kill their babies (like Frere Hospital in the Eastern Cape), rapes their daughters (like in South Africa, the rape capital of the world) and kills their sons and fathers (unending civil wars over State Power which characterize Post Independence in Africa).

Yet throughout all of this, you wonder how and why do Africans manage to become one of the largest consumers of pornography (don’t get shocked at Malusi Gigaba’s – minister of Home Affairs’ sex tape) in the world, with South Africa being the most porn consuming country in Africa.

While at the same time being one of the most dangerous countries to live in, alongside terrorism-riddled countries like Iraq and Syria. Especially with the natural resources to become the continent that makes everything that the World consumes!

How is it possible that as the second largest continent in the world, we still function as though we have the tiniest brains in the world?

Is it not yet obvious that only Africans can redeem themselves from the Uselessness that they have proven to enjoy the most?

Yet with all of this obvious horror, you still find delusional educated Blacks who have made a fortune (they run NGO’s, sit in high-paying government chairs and blame their failures/looting/uselessness on Race) from importing Black Americans sentiments on Race, just to have a sense of commonality with the World (Black USA/Hollywood) that they have longed to be part of since they were children.

Yet, fail to see that Africans, and their brains which are too attached to slumber, are the main problem in Africa!

[As though they were enslaved like Black Americans. Instead Africans were the ones who sold their own brothers as slaves to Europeans, Arabs and Americans. The same way it is Africans who kill Albinos, call them baboons, amputate them and sell their body parts to witch doctors. The same way South Africans rape babies in order to get rid of AIDS.]

Yet, these are these are the same people who supposedly built the Pyramids in Egypt. But, could they have successfully done so without help from “ever-thinking” Jews (their “slaves”)? Who were smart enough to conceive and build (Joseph the Dreamer) such magnificent storage facilities to preserve food in times of famine, while Africans thought it wise to just keep eating.

Just as they still think it wise today to be addicted to government welfare and Foreign Aid, instead of building their own futures!

The real truth about Africa is that, we are still stuck in the 1800’s, and it will take years for us to make it to the 20th century. And it will take more years for us to even dance on the stage of the 21st century.

Is it any wonder that South Africa, a country that became a mere extension of Europe in the 1800’s (through Colonialism/Colonial Project), remains the closest thing to the Global world and indeed the 21st century?

Yet, with evil, criminalist Blacks in Power (ANC), South Africa is leading itself to where most Africans desperately want to leave:

Africa – A World of Nothingness!

If Only Africans Knew How To Wake Up From Their Slumber!


© 2018 Dumisa Mbuwa
All Rights Reserved.

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