‘ANC lies, rape and murder’ ANC veteran Maphatsoe exposes shocking files

Details of hidden secrets within the ruling party will now be made public by a senior  ruling party member and veteran Kebby Maphatsoe.

The Former deputy minister Kebby Maphatsoe said South Africans would be shocked and the ANC would pay the price should he reveal what really happened in the party’s military camps.

uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA)president Kebby Maphatsoe threatened to reveal information about lies, rape and murder in the party’s military camps in exile.

Maphatsoe told Eyewitness News African National Congress (ANC) members killed their own comrades in Uganda where he was exiled.

The former deputy minister recently expressed his anger at the party’s integrity commission, saying the body had used false stories about how he lost his arm to question his credentials.

His critics have reduced his role in exile to camp cook and they have called him an absconder from an ANC camp in Uganda.

But Maphatsoe said he was tired of people misrepresenting his struggle credentials and threatened to expose what he said was the mess that happened within ANC camps.

“I am very hacked because you are opening up very old wounds that have been healed. I have ignored these attacks for a long time. And the day I speak, it won’t be nice.”

Maphatsoe admitted to running away from the ANC camp when he was shot, which resulted in him losing his arm.

But he said he was running away from atrocities that were being committed by his own comrades, to report them to ANC leaders.



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