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ANC disappoints SA with yet another suicidal nomination

South Africans have expressed huge disappointment in the latest blunder by the ruling African National Congress ANC, in its listing of individuals with corruption cases for National Assembly.

14 months ago the world applauded Ramaphosa’s appointment as president.

Ramaphosa made promises about cutting down on the number of ministers and government officials and ruthlessly weeding out corruption. And even on this very same Front National page a lady stated (in bold letters and with exclamation marks) “At last a president to be proud of!”

Which makes one wonder: “Do we love to be made fools of, so much that we even applaud these Communists for their empty promises?”

Not ONE person has been prosecuted for corruption in more than a year of Ramaphosa’s presidency. Not one.

In fact,the parachute isn’t opening for South Africa.

The list of candidates for the ANC in the 2019 election looks more like a “most wanted” list in a rural police station, than a list of potential members of the cabinet! Even the left-wing’s home-porn video man is on the list again!

But the scary thing of this is the fact that they will be elected. And they will rule for another 4 years. And the world will say: “That is what South Africans elected as a government. What do they complain about? They get what they voted for.”

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Because in the eyes of the world we are all South Africans and as long as we support the multiculturalist parties taking part in the New South African dispensation, it will be accepted that we tolerate, accept and even ask for what is happening in this country.

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