“ANC resurrected Mbeki because of the EFF” Malema

The ANC has ‘resurrected’ former President Thabo Mbeki because it realises the red berets are giving the party a run for its money.

Malema was at the EFF stall at the Rand Show in Nasrec, Johannesburg, on Tuesday where Mbeki was campaigning for the ANC.

He said the EFF would be the biggest player in the upcoming general elections and insisted polls showing otherwise were wrong.

The EFF leader said South African households were divided because the EFF had made serious inroads.

“The response of old people is the one that is actually shocking us. The youth vote goes without saying, if you go to universities and high schools, the EFF is their thing because the EFF represents the future,” Malema said.

Malema said major television broadcasters would have to split their screens in three to broadcast final political party rallies.

“The EFF is going to be the biggest player in these elections, these are historic elections. And that’s why they went to resurrect (former) president Mbeki now because they can see that these are the most difficult elections,” he said.


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