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ANC took over political power and launched initiatives such as BEE and Affirmative Action, yet blacks are still in poverty


Come, black man, black woman in South Africa – tell us this: You are poor. You are unemployed. You are still in the shack. You are still hungry.

25 Years ago the ANC took all the political power in the country and launched initiatives such as BEE and Affirmative Action to help you.

Why are you still poor after all this time? Is it Jan van Riebeeck or HF Verwoerd or Eugene TerreBlanche? Is it any of them who tells you how you were robbed of land and abused and disadvantaged, but behind your back they pose for pictures with their personal fashion designer?

No black man, black woman – these are the men who live in opulence, with their bellies full with your children’s food, who wears the fancy suits and expensive watches and live in mansions with many rooms, who drives a fancy car and never bothers to ride in a bus or a train – these are the men who do not lie awake at night worrying about the candle that might set the shack alight, or the child that might be raped on her way to school or the little one who cries with only hot water in her tummy. These are the men who do not care about the woman who starts walking at 5 in the morning, to work all day, and then walk all the way back to get home only at 7 in the evening. They come to a home where the little ones are on their own and the old grandmother, who is also ill, is too weak to go the clinic and wait in line all day.

These are the men who try to convince you that the white man does not care. The question is: For what purpose would they tell you or try to convince you that the white man does not care about you? The answer is glaringly simple: They care only for themselves.

These are the liars you sell your trust to.

We ask you: “Why?”

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