Armed robber killed, security officer wounded, Tongaat

An armed robbery suspect was killed and a security officer was shot multiple times during a robbery along a railway line on Walter Reid Road in Tongaat on Friday night, 19 April 2019.

At approximately 21:29 members of Reaction Unit South Africa arrived at the scene and established that the security officer was shot three times in the chest. A second person believed to be the suspect was shot in the head and died at the scene.

The security officer was rushed privately to hospital.

It is alleged that the suspects had earlier shot two individuals during a robbery in Hambanathi before they fled. The robbers allegedly got into a train and shortly after getting off at the Maidstone Station they approached the security officer who was on patrol along the railway line.

The suspects allegedly attempted to rob him of his firearm and shot him multiple times before the victim returned fire and shot one of the suspects in the head. The security officers colleague was in close proximity and also opened fire on the suspects.

The deceased’s accomplice picked up his firearm and fled the scene


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