Army mobilise to enforce 21 day national lockdown

Infantry soldiers have begun mobilisation in Gauteng as part of Operation Prosper and Operation Chariot, in support of government’s efforts to contain the spread of the deadly Covid-19 disease.

We are implementing the battle plan, says Mkhize, after using military lexicon – saying the Commander in Chief (President Cyril Ramaphosa) has given a directive and we the soldiers are here to implement.

Mkhize: “We have to behave in a way that will make it easier to flatten the curve of Covid-

The acting chief of the army, Major General Mannetijes de Goede, has taken charge of the operation and has instructed his commanders that the situation in the country is “serious” and that preparations for a “total shutdown” should be accelerated.

He has also ordered the army, at the instruction of the chief of the South African National Defence Force General Solly Shoke, to change its footing from “peacetime” to “wartime”.

“This is a national crisis… total shutdown,” De Goede apparently said.


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