Babes Wodumo beaten to near-death by the love of her life


There is nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing a woman wailing after being severely beaten up by a man whom she laid her ultimate trust upon, to love, uplift, protect and provide her.

Since a woman’s cry is absolutely unbearable, as it stems from a ripped heart, hence it rips open whoever has sympathy; it moves one to rise and see what is going on. In an effort to help the woman stop crying, as well as what was causing her to cry.

Yet, if you are Black and live in South Africa, where there is more violence than progress within the Black community; you will learn quickly that a woman’s cry is indeed worthless in the Black community.

It does not move one to rise and seek a way to help the woman in question. In fact, rising to help just might get one killed.

Not only because the Black woman just might turn against you and defend her abusive man by asking you, “Ungenandawni wena buti? Just how is this any of your business, brother?”.

This is after she has risen from the dirt, with her nose dripping thick, dark blood, with her eyes bleeding after being punched in the face many times by her Black boyfriend or husband.

Meanwhile, children, especially boys, watch this and think to themselves that this how they will deal with any girl who nags me or makes fun of them at school.

Or any girl who does not want to give them lunch or do their homework. Hell! This is the kind of husband they shall be when they grow up. This is the man they want to become. You see this power?

The girls on the other hand, convince themselves that this is how they ought to be treated.

This is the extent of their worth. Well unless they find themselves a decent White man.

For no matter how decent a Black man is; he is culturally prone to being violent towards women, because the culture that raised him to become a man simply taught him to have no regard for women.

This culture taught him that a woman is a mere accessory for the pleasure of men. This is her role, in addition to bearing him children that he is bound to fail or abandon due to the same culture that treats woman abuse, poverty, violence, rape, murder, and child- abandonment/abuse as normal.

[Not long ago in 2015, a survey conducted by Sonke Gender Justice in collaboration with Wits University found that more than 50% of Black men in Diepsloot township, Johannesburg, have admitted to raping or beating a woman in the past year.

56% of the Black men interviewed admitted that they have either raped or beaten a woman in the past 12 months. And of these men, 60% had committed multiple acts of violence against women during that period.

The study indicated that this was more than double the rates reported in other national studies on gender-based violence.

Nothwithdtsnding the fact that over 98% of Diepsloot residents are Black.]

Last night, a video of Gqom star Babes Wodumo being punched harder than a boxing punching bag by KZN-based Kwaito/Gqom star Mampintsha has surfaced on social media.

The video appears to have been a live feed on Instagram by Babes Wodumo.

In the video, Babes is seen adjusting her phone in her bedroom, thereafter she goes to Mapintsha who is not seen in the video, says something to him (it is clear that they have been arguing/fighting for a while) and then we see Mampintsha, out of nowhere, running to her like a wrestler, with both his arms charged, and he beat her up so bad that she had to readjust the video in order to capture everything clearer.

[It is also clear that Babes Wodumo wanted the world to witness this violence live, so that she wouldn’t debate this issue further as she almost did last year when Masichaba, from Metro FM ambushed her to speak on the issue, even though no one really knew about it. Babes never responded to the “allegations”. Thus, through this video, she was responding.]

At this point, the video ends and we are left with the same feeling children raised by abusive parents, who are always fighting violently, are left with.

That, what if daddy finally kills mommy? Could this be her last cry?

Vuka Mzantsi!

Rebuilding And Healing Begins With Admitting That We Are Indeed Wrong In The Manner We Raise Our Children And Treat Our Women!


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