Black Americans complain about being replaced by Nigerians in the American job market


While the inferno of xenophobia experienced by Nigerians in South Africa is yet to die down, another one is brewing in America. Black Americans are complaining that Nigerians are moving in and taking over the best jobs available to the black community.

Some  narrated that Nigerians are known to create employment anywhere they are, that beside the UK, Canada and the USA, Nigerians create their own jobs.

Why are  different countries of the world humiliating Nigerians in diaspora?

South Africa kills Nigerians.

Czech Republic pays Nigerians money to leave and never come back.

Angola says it does not want Nigerians.

Congo storms and takes over the Nigerian Embassy.

Libya buys and sells Nigerians.

Ghana persecutes and humiliates Nigerians.

The Czech Republic has decided to pay Nigerians and other migrants to encourage them to leave the central European country.

The offer is under a programme that focuses particularly on migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Mongolia, Russia, and Vietnam.

According to a report published on RemixNews, a Czech Republic-based newspaper, the Czech government would pay any migrants who would voluntarily leave the country and other EU countries 4,000 EUR.

The programme tagged ”Returns” established by the Czech Interior Ministry would assist immigrants with transportation costs and integration in their country of origin, including accommodation, household equipment or domestic animal expenses.

”Anyone who voluntarily leaves the country and promises not to return not only to the Czech Republic but to the EU will be eligible for the money,” the report said.

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”Allocation for the program amounts to 60 million CZK, 75 percent is to be covered from the European Asylum, migration and integration fund. Each individual could get funds ranging between 40,000 and 100,000 CZK. First funded returns should be processed in the third quarter of 2019.”


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