‘Black South Africans Destroy Ncera Macadamia Farm”


‘Black South Africans Destroy Ncera Macadamia Farm – while smiling and laughing”

This farm was destroyed by ANC ‘voters’ three years ago…it appears the community was ‘frustrated’ due to the ANC’s ineptness, corruption and mismanagement.

Misguided ANC ‘voters’ then gleefully ravages & destroyed the farm’s infrastructure ..smiling and laughing as they broke equipment, burned buildings and sabotaged the farm.

Did they rebuild? Is the farm thriving today? We don’t know, but the answer is the key to black South Africa’s future…

This is sadly becoming the blueprint which is slowly but surely turning our beloved country into a shithole, and destroying the future of the African child

Is this the future we fought for? We vote for a wretched party so that we have an excuse to ‘destroy’ and ‘neglect’ our infrastructure without repercussions???…thereby becoming wretched ourselves…

Well guess what, God is now angry at us.


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