Black woman who fought to protect her employer from robbers die from injuries

A family is distraught after a compassionate woman who fought off robbers from unleashing havoc on her employer died from her injuries.

The domestic worker Mita Koromong Mphinya, 66, died in the Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein. She sustained a head injury and was stabbed six times in the neck, chest and back on Friday morning when three armed men entered the home of freelance researcher and writer Herman Toerien in Langenhoven Park.

Mphinya had been working for his family twice a week for the last 17 months.

Toerien, who was diagnosed with prostate and Waldenstrom cancer, sustained a foot injury in the attack.

According to Toerien, the robbers smashed Mphinya’s head against a wall. She had sustained a serious head injury.

Toerien was writing when he heard Mphinya’s screams as the robbers entered the house.

“I struggled up the stairs and one came at me with a knife. I tried to close the security gate between the house and my wife Joan’s company, but I was too weak.”

He says he tried to get away, but couldn’t run and the robbers caught up with him in the dining room. “I was tied up and threatened with a knife or told I would be shot.”

Herman’s wife Joan said it was terrible that Maphinya had died so gruesomely. She described her as a friend who lived out her belief in God, and who was always friendly and always did things fast.


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