Whenever Lazy Lecture-Hall Lizards (Triple L’s) and those who pretend to think (Fragile-minded Black Intellectuals – FBI’s) discuss Feudalism, they exclusively limit it to Europe and the Middle Ages; where people had to work for land that was effectively owned by a master who could not even blow their own nose.

Since they (Triple Ls and FBIs) cannot think beyond the realms of what their peers deem true (in truth, they cannot think to begin with), they overlook the fact that we Blacks here in Africa have always cherised the same Feudalism. So much that we cannot imagine Africaness without our livelihoods being the sole property of some worthless chief.

What distingushes us from Whites/Europeans is that they fought hard to abolish this evil system of oppression and in return, attained Property Rights, Progress, and the right for one to determine their own lives (Liberty), without such determinations being the product of a futile clergy.

Meanwhile, we Blacks, have kept the same system of oppression so much that we still maintain it today as though it is normal and vital (for ourwellbeing).

The truth is that Blacks are extremely averse to progress, for it trembles them out of their comfort zone.

They would rather wait and depend on someone they regard as stronger, before they act for the fruitful benefit of their own, their children and most importantly, their futures. As for the latter, Blacks have proven themselves of being totally incapable of thinking that far.

For doing so only renders their heads hot, hence their love for sleeping and headache pills, drugs and alcohol (abuse).

These keep them in the now, and relieves them of the agony which rightly inflicts those who dare to think ahead.

Look at the (in)famous Liberation Struggle, which gave us two of the most evil, destructive and extremely oppressive regimes in the history of South Africa: Apartheid and Post 94 ANC Rule.

Blacks were more than ready to continue being oppressed had it not been for heroes like John Dube, Enoch Sitonga, Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Oliva Thambo, Steve Biko Robert Sobukwe and many other men and women of illustrious honor who have selflessly sacrificed their ever-vauable lives for the sake of our Freedom.

All these great men were educated and trained by Whites, and the absence of this reality would have most definitely rendered Black South Africans to being mere hunter gatherers, and serfs and mineworkers who were totally proudly ignorant of their oppression.

For them, it would have been life as usual. Just like today, most South Africans are happy with being poor and illiterate ANC voters who would rather celebrate the death of Nelson Mandela, instead striving to live a better life that can be inherited by their children and posterity.

Instead, they delight themelves in being hopelessly poor, chronically unemployed and receiving a monthly government stipend of R380, that quickly vanishes as soon as it is withdrawn from their empty bank accounts.

Leaving them hungry, delusional and malnourished like they always are before the 3rd of every month.

Contrary to the natural quickness and presence of mind (intelligence) which Blacks/Africans are said to be endowed with; for years Blacks have proven themselves to being passive, complaicent observers of everything that is around them. They cannot think ahead, they cannot properly read and assess reality (hence we are satisfied with our history being oral, even though this alone renders it unreliable and lacking).

[You mean to tell me that no one (Black) ever dared to write a memoir (personal account) about Shaka or Ngqika or even Hinsta? Napolean, who ruled in the same era as these phenomenal monarchs, has an entire ocean of literal material depicting his life, reign and fall.

Nothwithstanding the fact that most of this history was written by servants, soldiers, secretaries, friends and children who never wrote anything (or even dreamed of being authors before the fall of their Master) until the ultimate demise of their immortal Emperor.

You mean to tell me that each and every Black person in South(ern) Africa was illiterate before the heavily emasculated publication of Ityala Lamawele (‘The Lawsuit of the Twins’) in the early 1900’s?]

Just because Blacks hate something (e.g. poverty), does not mean that they shall act on it postively. Well, unless it is one of their own, in which they are more than ready to bewitch, kill, rob or even rape.

This then explains their devotion and dependency on leaders (demonically exploitative pastors, politicians and chiefs).

For it it is in these bloodsucking devils that they find the power and courage to do what is good for them. But because they are sheep and their leaders are vile wolves, they are either led atsray or are exploitated to the point of death (hence Black peoples love for self-inflicted misery, over and above self-driven freedom, power, and life).

This also illustrates the role the ANC plays in keeping them suppressed, igrnorant, uneducated, miseducated, poor and eternally hungry.

The truth is that Blacks do not desire to know or create any other world than empty huts diligently fursnished in cowdung, while they have resolved to always play catch-up behind Indians and Whites, who as we already know, do not abandon their children. Instead, they read to their children while they are in their loving mothers bosoms, thus their unstopable excellence at school and their inevitable success in life.

Change, progress and thinking for one’self frighten Black people. These vitals tools merely remind them of their own inability to champion their own prosperity, which is why only 16% of South Africans are active readers (a majority of whom are Whites, Indians and Coloureds).

While Blacks would rather listen to ANC propaganda on the radio and TV, just as long as it is in isiXhosa or isiZulu.

Sort of delighting one’self in poison just because it is has their names beautifully inscripted on the chalice.

How do we then affect change?

Yes, on the surface it seems as though quality education and employment is the immediate cure. But what about the Black Middle Class which is just as useless and delusional, although they went to the best schools and earn what most Black South Africans are even afraid to daydream about?

O!What a doomed People we Blacks are!

When will we will Wake from our infite slumber in the presence of a 24 year-old ANC burglary,that only renders our children dead like we?

Only the good graces of Fortune and its akward pathway towards our own self-destruction is today our only hope.

How else are Black South Africans to wake up? For now they’re all zombies who only pretend to live!

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