Whenever weak-minded South African historians (especially Black) speak about our country`s troubled history, they make it a point that they paint Blacks as victims of White/European oppression. While Whites remain the blue-eyed devils who infitinely delight in the formers subjugation.

These “thinkers”, in their quest for being relevant, paid and “champions” of Blackness; desert the truth (facts) and instead, subject Black people to more illusions that keep them in rusted chains and from reality.

The truth is, before the arrival of the emasculating 20th century in our midst, the nature of Mankind was divided as follows:
Conquerers and the Conquered.

There was no other way of attaining a better life for one nation than to expand their interests beyond its native borders, and thus encroach on anothers or experience the reverse (hence perpetual wars and glory).

We Blacks (Bantus) did this with the utmost success when we arrived as hungry, barbaric, and hopelessly illiterate nomads from the north-western parts of Africa, seeking greener pastures for our families and cattle in the Southern parts of this cursed Continent (South Africa).

In the process, with might and demonic vigour, we pillaged, inter-married (who said we did not rape, as per today’s definitions of rape that we exclusively attach to Whites, when we Blacks did the same thing to the conquered? Hence rape today is still a strong reserve of Blacks/Africans) and even displaced the Khoi-San (whose decedants are Coloureds) from the country that they have been inhabiting for thousands of years.

Then, around the 1600`s, Whites gradually arrived on our shores and did the very same thing that we have been doing to the Khoi-San centuries earlier. Through various wars, they conquered us, clean!

Today, docile commentators who are more possessed with being victims than they are capable of being men of action (like their forefathers), see this epoch as an evil that is perculiar to Whites, since they are inherintly more ambitious, practical and realistic than we. While they religiously brand Blacks as eternal victims who cannot even think for themselves (without damned politicians, TV and radio to hold their hand like toddlers), since this faculty has been so “compromised” by White Colonialism.

So much that even today, SA Blacks are the only group that fervently runs to the scarfold, where they are beheaded and ressurected as the zombies which they are today. They vote and sustain their own oppression, while Black oppressors (ANC) find their greatest joy in giving them stale bread crumbs that are bound to keep them hungrier than they were when they burnt their cattle in the hope of their dead rising to fight for their own foolish, parochial wars.

This reality of Blackness is what is causing our beloved country to wither faster than Life Esidimeni (ironically, meaning “Place of dignity”. More like “place of shame and hell”) mentally-ill patients or Marikana miners at the hands of Black rulers; with our eyes wide opened and arms crossed as though we are ready to do nothing. The latter is of course exactly what we Blacks are more comfortable with.

It is also the very same nothingness that demagogues like Syrupy Cyril (Ramaphosa), Weak Musi Maimane and vile UGLI-JAM (Used Greasy Lollipop-head Julius Malema) use to dupe Black South Africans who are incapable of thinking to support them; and in return, they can impoverish them. Blacks still do not notice this!

Now, upon what foundation is our Black Pride based? A people who cannot and refuse to think?!

O! No wonder our Ancestors have turned their backs against us, even though we spend a fortune in indefinite ceremonial sacrifices unto them. Why would they support the very same foolishness that led them to wasted lives, death and consequently destroyed the very kingdoms, nations which Great Founders/Nation-Builders like Tshawe Nkosi (Xhosa), Shaka Zulu (Zulu) and Moeshweshwe (MoSotho) succesfuly established?

We shoud be looking towards the future through the efffective education of our children as a viable solutions; but when over 70% of South African grade 4 learners cannot read (to understand, rather, like their illiterate, parents, they are taught memorization over and above comprehension. Meanwhile, just outside townships and villages where 75% of Black learners walk over 3 hours, 3 km to school everyday – Whites and Indians religously read to their children before they are even born.

Thus they start school knowing how to read and count, while we Blacks, like our ignorant parents, play catch up all the way to our graves!).

What future can we look towards building when our children, tomorrow’s “leaders” are just as hungry, illiterate and barbaric like those who birthed them?

A deep reflection is what Black South Africans need in order to rebuild our beloved Mzantsi; but of what value will it be when Blacks get a headache just from thinking?

© 2018 Dumisa Mbuwa
All Rights Reserved


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