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‘Blacks are poor today because they were dispossessed of their Land’…Zuma


South Africa Former president Jacob Zuma has warned that blacks are poor because they were forcefully dispossessed of their ancestral land.

A seeming unhappy Zuma posted two videos, saying there is too much debate about land expropriation without compensation, and has suggested that land should be nationalised.

Zuma breaks silence about the land

Unhappy Zuma goes explosive about returning the land forcefully taken from Blacks

Posted by News360 on Friday, January 4, 2019

Zuma made reference to the debate and said people would surely remember the decision of the ANC’s national elective conference in December 2017. He said that buying land at market prices for land reform didn’t work.

“We have all agreed now, that has not solved the problem. And that is why the ANC has debated the matter and took a very clear resolution that we must have the expropriation of land without compensation,” he said.

Zuma continued, saying: “I don’t know why there is a long debate about this matter.

“The matter is simple, we cannot change the facts of history,” he said before referencing South Africa’s history of dispossession of blacks by whites since the advent of colonialism.

“The freedom would not be complete if the issue of land is not resolved, that people who were colonised – their land taken by force – have their land,” Zuma said, emphasising his point by shaking his hands.

“The ills of the black people of South Africa, the bigger portion of it, emanates from the land dispossession. You solve the problem of the land, you solve the poverty in this country, inequalities and the economic issues.”

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