Bloodbath: Several heads broken at chaotic ANC meeting…(graphic photos)

The bizzare and cahotic incident that took place at the meeting was quite appalling and sad.

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The ANC Provincial meeting in the Eastern Cape degenerated into a mass of writhing bodies, flying chairs, blood splattering, fists flying, growling, spitting, biting – all this resembling a surreal scene out of The Walking Dead, which not surprisingly describes exactly how the average black South African regards the African National Congress – a political movement that has gone awol.Image may contain: one or more people

Will ANC members please salvage what’s left of this party’s dignity?

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Members of the ANC attack each other like caffeinated walkers at the conference, afterwards the ANC delegates walked around zombie-like, eyes glazed over, no remorse, no different really to how they are normally, hoping that their actions appealed to the tribal instinct of their constituents, harnessing some new votes. Eish, and these are so-called civilised leaders?Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting

The ANC are a sad reflection of what corruption, lack of discipline, lack of leadership, lack of proper education, and pure desperation for control will create. A group of sad and wretched power-hungry dimwits who have become a burden on the suffering and woefully neglected citizens they are supposed to represent.





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