Boy caught in men’s toilet with young girl at Wimpy restaurant in Mooinooi

A quick investigation is ongoing regarding the strange incident.

North West police have confirmed that an incident involving two minors at a Wimpy restaurant in Mooinooi has been reported and is under investigation.

In a video circulating on social media, a boy is interrogated by Wimpy staff, as well as patrons in the restaurant, including the person recording the video, as to why he was in the men’s bathroom with a young girl.

Barefoot, and gripped on the arm by a patron, the boy says: “She asked me to do it,” to which the patron responds: “To do what?”

“To kiss her,” he responds.

The confrontation goes on until someone suggests that the police be called.

The person, believed to be the mother says: “I cannot find my child undressed, with you in the toilet. In the men’s toilet!”

“You are getting locked up,” she charges

As the confrontation takes place, the little girl can be seen standing next to the adults, clothed in a pink tracksuit.

When instructed to call his mother, the young boy says he doesn’t know her number.

“I don’t know her number,” he frantically responds

Throughout the confrontation, the boy insists that it was the young girl who had “called” him into the bathroom. He was warned that camera footage would show him up as lying.

North West police spokesperson Brigadier Sabata Mokgwabone confirmed that the incident has been opened for investigation.


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