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Brave father fights off off 3 robbers to save his young family from attack


A brave South African father  has fought three robbers gallantly  to save his young family from attack.

Craig Viljoen woke at 03:00 on the morning of Thursday, 20 September, to the screams of his wife who was with their one-year-old baby in the master bedroom of their home. Craig was in his three-year-old son’s bedroom at the time.

As soon as the  bedroom door was opened, he was menacingly confronted with a knife wielding assailant. Craig didn’t think twice. In a split second, before  the knife could  harm his body, he launched an attack first. Not only did he wrestle  the knife from the first robber  and a gun from the second of the three home invaders who fled the scene after his wife had raised alarm in the district.

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