Brawl in parliament, after Malema attacked white man

EFF Julius Malema met a rough day after making a controversial statement in parliament Malema had stated: “the white man must not speak in the house”, to the immediate disapproval of  Agang MPs.

It would appear those in positions of authority in the country are gradually losing grip of the leadership situation. After a fractious session in the parliament , a fierce row broke out initially between EFF and DA members. The parties exchanged chats of “pay back the money” (directed towards Floyd Shivambu and an alleged VBS connection) and “racists”, as Julius Malema also made his voice heard.

When Agang MP Andries Tlouamma  had his chance to talk, he narrated  his dissatisfaction that Malema had stated: “the white man must not speak in the house”. He tore into the EFF, labelling them disrespectful and ignorant.

Tlouamma than shouted “fokof” towards the red berets, before EFF member Nazier Paulsen charged towards the advancing politician. A scuffle between the pair, which featured a lot of pushing and shoving without any real punches landing, saw numerous MPs attempt to break it up.

Both members were ejected from the house, and face stern sanctions once this Parliamentary session is over. Paulsen spoke to the media outside of Parly, where he blamed Tlouamma for insulting a female member of the EFF. He said that he will not tolerate that behaviour under any circumstances.

EFF and Agang almost exchanged blows.

All these happened on the same day Cyril Ramaphosa and Malusi Gigaba found themselves under fire in Parliament.

According to David Hersch: This arrogant uncivilised behaviour is symptomatic of the deterioration of South Africa and its rapid reversal back into Africa rather than building on what it has and aligning with the civilised world. The likes of Malema potentially make South Africa a dangerous place to live in from a physical and economic perspective.

Ramaphosa does not have the guts to slap Malema down as in reality he is the enfante terrible of the ANC and it suits him to play good cop bad cop. Eventually Malema will be enticed back into the ANC and given a powerful position. It will then be clear what I warn of above and also potentially too late.

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