Brazilian dies , 5 others rescued by air force in Durban

An emergency rescue effort could not save one foreigner near Durban.

The Brazilian crewman died, while five others were airlifted by the SA Air Force near Durban on Tuesday after suffering injuries during an accident on their ship.

Jonathan Kellerman, National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) Durban station commander, said the air force, paramedics and an NSRI team were tasked by the Maritime Rescue co-ordination Centre (MRCC) to respond to the incident.

“A Brazilian adult male crewman suffered fatal injuries in the accident. At the request of the ship’s captain, the body of the deceased man will remain on board.

“MRCC arranged a Western Cape government health emergency medical services duty doctor to provide medical advice to the ship’s medics while the vessel diverted from deep sea and headed towards Durban.”

An air force helicopter landed on the ship 28 nautical miles offshore from the Durban coast.

Kellerman said paramedics took over the care of the five men from the ship’s medical crew when they were transferred to a helicopter.

“Medical treatment continued in the helicopter and the five patients were airlifted to a hospital in Durban.

“It has been confirmed that all five are stable and recovering in hospital.”


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