Breaking! 107 people killed on Western Cape Highway

107 people killed on Western Cape road

Motorist and other road users have been advised to apply extra caution and diligence, following the staggering figures released, which has been widely viewed as  alarming and shocking.

The huge number of casualties occasioned by multiple road accidents within eighteen days has gotten the authorities uncomfortable, thus necessitating more stringent measure to minimise the accidents..

In an official  statement, the department said the spike in road deaths follows the deadly crash on the N1 highway at Touwsrivier the past weekend which claimed the lives of 12 people, including three children.

“For the first 18 days of December, a total of 107 people have been killed, which is a notable increase from the 87 who had died over the same period last year, a 23% increase from 2017’s figures,” the statement said.

“The number of passenger deaths has more than doubled over this period, increasing from 17 deaths in 2017, to 40 deaths this year. This is cause for serious concern.”

The department has urged motorists to take necessary precautions, including not indulging in alcohol before getting behind the wheel, avoiding speeding, using seatbelts and resting from time to time.


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