Breaking: Boksburg deadly robbery, more than 100 firearms stolen

Criminals are getting embolden by the day.

A terrible disaster has befallen the nation, after a deadly  gun shop attack and robbery in Boksnurg.

Heavily armed  robbers on Wednesday morning raided a gun shop in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg.

Over 100 firearms were stolen from the Limpopo Arms and Ammunition shop on the East Rand.

Five suspects – all armed – fled in a Silver Mitsubishi Triton, which was recovered nearby.

Police spokesperson Captain Pearl van Staad said an unknown man first entered the shop and asked a manager about seeing some firearms.

“While checking the counter (stock), the male pulled out a handgun, a Glock pistol, and pointed (the firearm at) the manager and the other two staff,” Van Staad said.

He instructed them to open the door and then two other men entered the shop.

One of the other men was also armed with a pistol.

Van Staad said the staff were ordered into the strong room.

“Once in the strong room, they carried out weapons, and loaded it into the business bakkie, a grey Triton [Mitsubishi].

“Approximately 100 firearms have been taken, of unknown types or values at this stage,” Van Staad said.

The bakkie was recovered at the corner of Pretoria road and Tait street in Witfield.

Van Staad said according to a witness, the men offloaded weapons into a green Mazda and fled the scene.

Van Staad said no shots fired and no one was injured.

Anyone with information can contact the South African Police Services at 0860010111.




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