Breaking: Chinese military invades Namibia


The Chinese government is speedily making in-roads into Africa, and has already captured Namibia with the recent strategic establishment of key state institution in Namibia. With a heavu military presence and officials, many are saying that South Africa is next, after receiving huge loans from the Chinese government.

Namibia is apparently heavily indebted to Chin, while sourcing  funds for the proposed extensive upgrades to the Hosea Kutako International Airport and buying aircraft for Air Namibia

All these prospect started Since January 2015, there has been much talk in the media about China’s efforts to establish a military base in Namibia. It is reported that the Namibian ambassador to China held talks with Chinese military officials about construction of a naval base in Port of Walvis Bay. However, Chinese and Namibian authorities had denied this news, as stated and declared by Chinese defense minister on Agence France-Presse in January 2015. Apart from this media controversy, Namibia is one of many African countries that have close ties with China. Those ties exist at different levels in the political and economic domains, as well as that of military and security.

Namibia was under the control of the German Empire after 1884, but became subject to the Republic of South Africa by a decision of the League of Nations after the end of World War I. In 1958, SWAPO “South West Africa People’s Organization” was created to fight for in dependence of Namibia. During the same period, the organization sent volunteers for military training in China

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