BREAKING !!! Jacob Zuma marries, 7th wife

The news of former President Jacob Zuma preparing to wed again has got many people airing their differing views.

It is reported that Zuma has already fathered a child with a 26-year-old bride to be.

Nonkanyiso Conco will be Zuma’s seventh wife.

The debate around the union raises different issues and Eusebius McKaiser engaged callers on his show to find out if they are against polygamy or people just don’t like anything the former head of state does.

“If Zuma had to lose all of his wives just like that and he decided to get married to a 24-year-old and he only has one wife and his no longer a polygamist, I think you would still have a problem”.

Meanwhile, people expressed how the whole polygamy issue should be scrapped in South Africa.

“This is a patriarchal system that is outdated and needs to be abolished. The worst example Zuma is setting is that of having 26 children. No person in modern day South Africa should be having 26 children. Three children is the maximum most wealthy people can afford to put to school”.


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