Breaking: ANC Kodwa faces resignation after damaging rape accusation

The situation is getting to crisis level for the ANC official spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

Inside sources revealed that Pressure is mounting on ANC head of presidency Zizi Kodwa to step down after a 28-year-old woman accused him of rape.

Kodwa , whose position effectively makes him President Cyril Ramaphosa’s eyes and ears at Luthuli House, has dismissed the allegations as “feeble yet dangerous political blackmail and manipulation”.

The scandal is a major blow for Luthuli House as it comes just months before elections and just when it is still reeling from a sexual harassment charge laid against its national spokesperson Pule Mabe.

Mabe returned to work last week after he was cleared by an internal party panel.

The woman alleged that Kodwa made advances towards her but she turned him down.

He then allegedly insisted on her having a glass of champagne with him. She then insinuated in her letter that her drink may have been spiked.

“My friend and I started feeling dizzy and we decided to take a nap. We woke up feeling unnaturally aroused; we are kissing and touching each other inappropriately, something we’ve never done.”

The woman said she recalled waking up to three men bragging: “it was going down here”.

“There were used condoms and your [ Kodwa ’s] blue underwear on the floor,” she said in the letter.


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