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Breaking: Police fire stun grenades, rubber bullets after Bonteheuwel protesters get violent and blocked N2, M5 and M3

In a bid to quell the violence and disperse the protesting crowd,

Police have fired stun grenades and rubber bullets to disperse crowds in Bonteheuwel in Cape Town.

Several roads and highways in Cape Town are expected to be brought to a standstill on Tuesday morning as protesters try and shut down the city.

Roads leading to the N2, M5 and M3 are expected to be blocked.

Demonstrators are protesting against poverty, crime and unemployment.

It’s been arranged by the Western Cape Total Shutdown Communities.

Organiser Henriette Abrahams said the protests would be peaceful.

“We just need the government to hear us, all tiers of government,” she said.

Two weeks ago‚ protesters who blockaded roads in the Cape Flats suburb of Bishop Lavis were greeted by riot police.

Abrahams said she expected the same to happen on Tuesday.

“We are not looking for a confrontation. We are looking simply to disrupt‚” she said.

“We cannot have life continuing as normal while people are dying on a daily basis.”

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