Breaking: Thousands of rands raised for petrol attendant hero

It has been excitement and commendation for the petrol attendant who helped a woman who was stranded.

The  good Samaritan has restored Monet van Deventer’s faith in humanity.

She was surprised and moved by petrol attendant Nkosikho Mbele’s kindness.

Mbele after came to her rescue when she realised had forgotten her bank card at home.

He paid for R100 worth of petrol for Van Deventer as he was afraid she would not make it home and be stranded on the N2.

“He was so worried, he was really stressed and he was really caring,” said Van Deventer.

“Obviously he doesn’t earn a lot so he took his money, the little that he had, and paid for my petrol.

“I was so surprised because you don’t get that these days.”

After returning the R100 and hearing his story, Van Deventer decided to start a crowdfunding campaign aimed at helping Mbele, who lives with his two children, mom and brother.

“I shared the post on Facebook and it obviously went viral and I got a lot of messages from people saying they want to help him and they want to donate money.

“I started to think about what I can do to help him to get money so I started the crowdfunding campaign.”

Van Deventer has set a fundraising target of R100,000 and so far more than R70,000 has been raised.

Click here to donate.


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