Breaking: White woman’s first vote is for EFF

The 8 day of May could turn out to be dramatic.  A Mother and housewife Bianca-Lee Grossett, 39, has traded her sheltered life of white privilege for a red EFF beret, challenging race politics in conservative Krugersdorp.

Grossett was persuaded to join the party because of the plight of shack dwellers near her home. The people had been moved in December from their settlement into her farming community. She believes she is now an outcast among the white people of the area.

“The first time I put a picture of myself on Twitter in my beret it went viral and the comments on that thread were my first experiences with racism, ” she told the Sunday Times. “I was excited and happy about what I was doing, and the people who responded were vile.

White Afrikaans men laid into me.” Grossett said: “The first time I was attacked online I was terrified, and I took it personally. “As it got more common I began to realise that those comments are a direct representation of society. “It shows how scared people are of what’s coming.”


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