Great news for Whites: ‘Whites can now join BLF – but Ts&Cs apply’

This is quite an unusual step by the radical black land first movement.

The Black First Land First (BLF) party has opened up membership to all – but with strict conditions.

This comes after the organisation was banned for saying membership to the party was open only to black people.

The party led by Andile Mngxitama convened a special policy congress at the weekend  to discuss the ban and the way forward. It was at this special congress that the party resolved to open membership “to all”, but also to put in ideological perspective conditions for those who join.

According to the resolution, white people will be allowed to join the BLF as long as they “agree South Africa belongs to black people”.

Moreover, all who join the party must further acknowledge that “SA was stolen from black people by white people”.

The declaration says all who join BLF must also concede that “the 1994 constitution (of the country) is anti-black and must be replaced by a pro-black constitution of redress”.

Nailing one’s signature on the BLF membership form will also mean one agrees that “white people must not only return the stolen land, they must also pay reparations to black people for colonialism and apartheid”.

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At the special congress, the BLF reaffirmed that it was a black nationalist party that “supports whatever the enemy opposes and opposes whatever the enemy supports”.

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