Bride in tears at the altar as groom confesses his love to another girl in the hall


Planning for a wedding is no simple task, and it’s especially nerve-wracking for the bride and groom. But everything is worth it when the moment unfolds as the bride and groom declare their love for each other and vow to be together forever.

But things took an unexpected turn at this wedding when the groom did something that shocked everyone who was present at the wedding.

Jessica and Jefferson, deeply in love, were ready to tie the knot. When the big day finally arrived, this beautiful Portuguese couple stood at the altar ready to exchange vows. But right after that Jefferson made a big confession and proclaimed his love for another special girl, who was also present in the room, according to Shareably.

“There’s a person here that makes this day possible and my next words are for her,” Jefferson said, based on the translation from a video posted by Sovibes Stories.

The special girl was none other than Jessica’s 8-year-old daughter, Giovanna.

Getting down on one knee and looking right at the little girl, Jefferson said, “Ji, I know I”m annoying sometimes, I get mad at you, I annoy you so you brush your teeth and your hair right and eat all your food. I also know that I give you a lot of nicknames, I call you little flower, little sheep, I make you mad, I tickle you, I poke you and I’m always imitating you. Sometimes I think that I’m more childish than you but I also give you love, kindness, I take care of you so I can always protect you and not let something bad happen to you.”

He continued his sweet vow, as everyone stood still moved beyond words, “I can’t really explain my feelings for you. After all I’m not your biological father, like we always say I’m your stepfather. I can’t explain the love I feel for you because I think that love doesn’t have an explanation. But, if I could ask something from God, I would ask you as my daughter. I would be the most proud father of the world having such a beautiful smart and respectful daughter.”

That was enough to move everyone to tears, including the bride who could not contain her joy mixed with a strange mix of things that cant really put into words. Through his vows, Jefferson showed that he was not only ready to become a husband that day, but also a father, devoted to Giovanna as much as he was to Jessica.

Bringing everyone at the wedding to tears, Jefferson ended his beautiful vow to Giovanna saying, “I promise that I will always give you my love, protection and the best that I can give to make you happy. I love you, my love.”


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