Brutal attack: Elderly man and wife tied and stripped with a knife to man’s throat by attackers


The rate of insecurity in some parts of South Africa is becoming more frightening and gruesome.

An elderly couple was badly assaulted and then robbed on their smallholding outside Danielskuil in the Northern Cape on Saturday at around 1800 but I unfortunately have to report negligence on their part and they got hurt as a result of making it easy for the attackers .

The couple Valerie Kriek [ 72 ] and Wessel [ 73 ] was in their house when 5 black males arrived at the house . Wessel took 4 of them to the shop because they do operate a tuckshop . How on earth could he not have suspected that they plan to rob them ? One of the group even stayed behind in the kitchen with Valerie !

This particular incident happened in Danielskuil, Siyanda District Municipality, Northern Cape.

Why are helpless old people left alone with no protection and defence systems.

The criminal justice system must be reviewed to restore some semblance of decency back to the


Valerie walked past the man in the kitchen to see why it was quiet at the shop . The man in the kitchen then grabbed her around the throat and dragged her back into the kitchen . At the same time the other attackers pushed Wessel to the ground in the shop and jumped on his back .
Eventually the couple was tied up in the bedroom and the attackers ransacked the house . One of the attackers had a rewolver and one had a long knife .

Wessel’s one rib was broken and he had facial injuries after the attack on him .
The attackers even had time to eat the food that Valerie made earlier . They left with frozen meat , a rewolver , rings , a laptop, phone and bags of money that was in the shop’s safe . They fled in the couple’s vehicle which was later found abandoned by Police .
Their dogs were poisoned a month before as well as the dogs of a neighbour .

The victims daughter who wrote to  narrated the ordeal faced by her parents, brought about by the heartless assailants.

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My parents were attacked in Danielskuil last night on a plot. They held a knife against my dad’s throat, and another in his back and a gun against his head. Tied them and stripped the house. Where are you going to end? Distraught daughter Mariaan Van Zyl asked.

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