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Business man killed in a hit in Bedfordview, his own father was kidnapped and beaten to death a few years ago

The insecurity in the country is getting even more porose by the day.

A renowned  businessman has been  killed in a hit in Bedfordview yesterday. His name is  George Mihaljevic, , he used to own the Sandton Gold and Diamond Exchange and Salon Prive.

He’s of Serbian/Montenegrin descent. ‪Mihaljevic’s  wife and two young children live in Bulgaria. He left South Africa after his own father was kidnapped and beaten a few years ago, ‬he subsequently died from the attack.

According to a witness, ‪I met Mihaljevic at his Sandton Gold and Diamond Exchange years ago, when he was doing business with Krejcir. He was also friends with Chris Couremetis aka Mr Big who was shot in a hit at The Cradle. Mihaljevic was charming and insisted he was a clean, legitimate businessman. ‬

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