SA push for the reinstatement of Brian Molefe as Eskom Boss

The social media is a washed with desperate call for the return and reinstatement of Brian Molefe to fix embattled ESKOM.

Already, South Africans are already fed up with the unpredictability of Eskom’s power cuts and they’re looking for a saviour. Enter Brian Molefe of Saxonwold shebeen fame.

Many Twitter users expressed nostalgia for the days when, according to them, Eskom managed to keep the lights on despite the utility’s financial woes.

The former Eskom CEO dropped off the radar when he lost his court battle to hold on to his massive pension last year. High Court in Pretoria   ruled that Molefe was not entitled to a pension payout and must pay back the R11 million of the R30 million pension payout which he had already received.
Social media users either have short memories are a great sense of humour.  Take a look at some of the tweets calling for Molefe’s return:


One thought on “SA push for the reinstatement of Brian Molefe as Eskom Boss”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me at all. These are the same people who support the ANC, EFF and BFLF. If they lived in Zimbabwe they would support Zanu PF.

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