Caregiver arrested with baby in a bag

A disturbing incident has taken place involving a baby.

A babysitter was arrested with the charred body of a baby boy she’s accused of strangling and then stabbing to death before burning his body.

Victoria Aymetdinova (23), from Tyumen Oblast in Russia, boasted that she was about to become “a star” before she was taken into custody.

The baby’s mother, Natalya Gafner, told local media that Victoria was a family friend who lived with her husband’s son from his first marriage.

She said the young woman often looked after her six-month-old son, Bogdan, when she needed help.

“On 24 September, we went for a couple of hours to a funeral and left Victoria to look after the baby. When we arrived back home, neither she nor our son was there! We began to call her, but she was disconnected,” Natalya said.

“We looked around the house and noticed that she took nothing for Bogdan: neither a bottle, nor diapers. So we called the police.”

Police found Victoria 3km from the house and the baby’s charred body was found in a bag she had with her.

On its official website, Russian state police confirmed the arrest earlier this week and Victoria remains in custody while the investigation continues.

Source: Magazine Features



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