Carnage!!! 4 people confirmed dead in Horrific De Doorns Accident

Four people  have been confirmed dead in a ghastly  accident on N1 near De Doorns.

ER24 paramedics were initially called to the scene of a terrible accident on the N1 outside of De Doorns near the Orchard road offramp just before 4pm.

When they arrived, there were pieces of wrecked cars strewn across the road, and two completely wrecked vehicles approximately 20 meters apart.

It is believed that an early model Mazda and BMW had collided head on, while the sheer force of the impact had forced the Mazda into the air and rolling as it hit the ground. It landed on the side of the road, on its wheels, but all five occupants had been ejected.

One woman had suffered almost immediate fatal injuries, while three of the other occupants having sustained extensive injury, were in an extremely critical condition.

ER24 and Metro Service paramedics had to act swiftly, as the patients` conditions were deteriorating rapidly, and there were a further 4 critically injured people on the scene, three of whom were still trapped in the BMW.

Sadly, despite all efforts by paramedics to save the other two woman and man from the Mazda, they succumbed to their extensive injuries and they too were declared deceased at the scene. This horrific accident had claimed 4 lives, all occupants of one vehicle.

The three trapped occupants of the BMW needed immediate stabilisation, and as they were removed from the wreckage after an extensive extrication process using the Jaws of Life, they were taken to hospital for further treatment. The two other occupants of the BMW were found lying near the vehicle, and they had suffered moderate injuries.

The 4 critically injured patients, 1 survivour from the Mazda and the other 3 from the BMW, and the 2 moderately injured patients from the BMW, were taken to hospital by ER24 and Metro Service ambulances.

ER24 paramedics ended the call after handing the patients over at the hospital and assisting with further stabilisation of the patients in the Trauma Unit almost 4 hours after the initial call was placed.

The exact cause of the accident will need to be investigated by the necessary officials.


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