Casta Semenya Is Indeed A Woman Who Should Not Be Competing With Other Women


Casta Semenya Is Indeed A Woman Who Should Not Be Competing With Other Women

It is very true that whenever race becomes a focus point in a matter that has nothing to do with race; that matter (regardless of its truth) quickly evaporates and becomes just another obstacle that has been standing in the way of Black people’s progress.

It is almost as though, whenever a Black person is confronted with a truth, and this truth is mostly (or exclusively) advanced by White people, then that Black person is being racially discriminated against and therefore we should fight racism with all our might. For it is the one thing that shields us (Blacks) from the truth.

In South Africa, Black politicians do this all the time. Since most Black politicians are generically useless, criminalistic and should not even be considered as janitors in any government office; when they get caught for looting millions of taxpayers money, they conveniently run to Colonialism and Apartheid to remind us that looting millions from Eskom or Transnet, is nothing compared to the oppression Black people endured under White rule.

You literally sit there, and ask yourself, “What does this have to do with you looting from the State so that you can have a bigger chicken barnyard or a fire swimming pool?”. After all, it is not as though Black people are not killing and raping each other way more than they have been when Apartheid existed.

In fact, South Africa was much safer before 1994, and this is evident in the fact that children and their parents did not have to worry about their kids being kidnapped, raped, killed and mutilated after playing in the swings of the nearest jungle gym in their neighbourhood as they are being today.

Now, what does this have to do with the fact that Casta Semenya is a woman who should not be competing with other women because her testosterone levels are higher than normal women?

When Casta first won gold in the 2009 World Championships by beating her competitors by four seconds, she was subjected to gender testing. Thereafter she was banned from international competitions for almost a year before being cleared by the IAAF.

After being the subject of so much controversy around her condition (hyperandrogenism) and her victories; she has recently accused the IAAF of breaching the confidentiality around the hearing of her case against the world governing body at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland.

She and her lawyers were responding to a press release issued earlier on Monday by the IAAF in which they decided if athletes with hyperandrogenism gain an unfair advantage of other women because of their higher levels of naturally occurring testosterone.

Herein lies the question of whether Casta should be qualified to compete with women. Especially when many say she is who she is and therefore everyone should just mind their own business.

The truth is, it has been found that elite female athletes with high levels of testosterone (that are naturally produced), give them a “significant” competitive edge in athletics events that depend on stamina and visuospatial abilities. This is according to a recent study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

So much that it is universally known that women athletes have widely abused male hormones (androgens) over the past few decades, in order to have an edge over their competitors. Of 296 elite athletes serving a doping ban as of December 2016 under IAAF rules, 116 were women, 64 of whom had tested positive for androgens.

Now the tests for the study in question, the research team drew on 2127 observations of best performances by elite male and female athletes competing in athletics events during the IAAF World Championships in 2011 and 2013 as well as measurements of androgens in their blood.

These athletes were classified into three groups according to how much free testosterone was circulating in their blood and their best competitive performance. The results showed that the type of event didn’t influence testosterone levels in elite female athletes, yet it did in men.

The study found that male sprinters had higher levels of the hormone than those competing in other events. While men involved in all types of throwing events (hammer, shotput, javelin) had significantly lower levels of testosterone and of the chemical ‘carrier’ of sex hormones, sex hormone binding globulin, or SHBG for short, than men competing in other events.

When compared with women with the lowest levels of free testosterone in their blood, it was found that those in the top third performed significantly better in certain events: the 400 m sprint (2.73% better); the 400 m hurdles (2.78% better); the 800 m hurdles (1.78% better); the hammer throw (4.53% better); and the pole vault (2.94% better).

This pattern was not seen among male athletes with similar differences in testosterone levels.

The study concluded by stating that the quantitative relationship between enhanced testosterone levels and improved athletic performance should be taken into account when the eligibility of women with hyperandrogenism to compete in the female category of competition is discussed.

Thus it becomes very clear that Casta, although she is a woman, should not be competing with other women who have normal testosterone levels. For it creates a disadvantage for these women and discourages other aspiring women athletes to not compete, as they know that they will not win.

It also creates the risk that countries will recruit women with hyperandrogenism, so that their teams can have a higher competitive edge than other women teams, and assure them of winning.

Now, what does this have to do with Casta being oppressed by Whites who cannot stand a Black woman winning (Look at Syrena Williams, she has been dominating the game of tennis for years and she is Black! Or look at Floyd Mayweather, Lebron James or even Tiger Woods. Wow! They are so oppressed by Whites)?

What does it have to do with Casta not being a real woman? What does it have to do with her being from Limpopo?

These were just excuses Black Supremacists, Race Hogs, discredited Social Justice Warriors and corrupt politicians advanced in order to make it look as though they care about Casta, South Africa, Black people, “Equality” or even the Olympics!

Yes, it was embarrassing and truly hurtful for her to be subjected to such scrutiny over her sexuality, but imagine being a woman and running against a woman who has the power of a man? I mean, even the women she beat always said that it felt as though (as was also seen) they were running against a man.

If Casta had been taking performance enhancers (which almost have the same effect as high testosterone levels among elite women athletes) in order to win her gold medals; would her being banned have anything to do with her race?

Would the South African government be paying R25 million sponsoring her legal fees?

Of course not! She would just be another cheater who deserves to be banned!

Yet, she is Casta Semenya, and sadly, does not deserve to be competing with women.


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