Cause of Julius Malema drastic weight loss gets public…Within the last 18 months, Malema has shrinked

Perhaps unfairly, Julius Malema was once known as ‘the gummy bear’ in some political circles because of how he looked. It would seem South African politics is on a par with THE film Mean Girls when it comes to name-calling.

However, the once portly EFF Leader has enjoyed a remarkable weight loss journey, which he was more than happy to share with Energy FM on Monday morning. Within the last 18 months, Malema has shed the pounds, and it’s easy to understand why…

He’s created a strict regime for himself that cuts out all of life’s most dangerous temptations. Julius’ wise words will be helpful to anyone who feels like they want to lose weight, but we must warn you. It won’t be easy…

Julius Malema weight loss: How he did it…
1. Drink plenty of water
It’s the most tried and tested of all Juju’s suggestions, but he’s a staunch advocate of keeping yourself hydrated. He said he never goes anywhere without H20 to hand, and says that his job allows him to maintain his diet regime:

“I always have a bottle of water in my hand. The best thing about going to these political conferences is that water is always available. I avoid juice, and just go for the water.”

Stop drinking Coke
Juju says his wife was a great support after he decided to cut out sugar completely. He stressed that this isn’t something you can dip in and out of, either. Malema says this is a ‘very strict rule’ that has to be adhered to for anyone serious about shedding a few pounds. Julius even named Coca Cola as the chief culprit:

“People are shocked that I can live without coke. They are shocked when I say I haven’t tasted one for two years. You have to cut the sugar out, though.”

  1. Small meal portions are the key to success
    Julius bemoaned the people who skip breakfast, but then ‘overcompensate’ at a later stage in the day. This up and down approach achieves very little for anyone concerned about their weight, and a balance has to be struck.

Malema stated that key to healthy dieting is to ration the way we eat. He suggested that ‘over-indulgence’ was a big problem facing dieters, but especially men. Malema’s advice is to cut the big plates of food out, and limit how much you’re eating for a main meal:

  1. Cut out alcohol
    Juju has long stayed clear of alcohol, or at least, he’s stuck to his mantra of moderation. He links this to being a family man; He told the Energy FM team that when you have responsibilities, you don’t have time to be ‘staying out late at night, because you have people waiting for you at home.’

He also attributes his wife to helping him go dry. But Juju was never really that keen on alcohol anyway. He believes that people function better under the influence of marijuana, with this hilarious anecdote he shared a few years back

“I have seen a lot of people smoke it, and read and not have any problems. But I have never seen people drink alcohol and read books afterwards.”

  1. You can eat anything… In moderation
    The EFF leader says no food is bad for you, as long as you are sensible with how much you eat. He stated that “it is OK to eat cake, but don’t have a large piece”. That is indeed easier said than done…

  2. Stand up to generous hospitality

A big part of our culture is accepting generous servings of food when people play host for the evening. What we particularly like about Juju is his way with words. During his Energy FM interview, he said that his stomach “behaves” if it is fed just a little bit each time.

This does take months of getting used to though, and you can’t just eat like this overnight. But if you want to take on Julius’ radical gastronomic transformation, you’ll need to show the same discipline and commitment he’s showed.


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