Cele to arrest politicians who tried to vote multiple times

There was  overwhelming evidence that some politicians had organised themselves to vote multiple times during the elections.

However, Police Minister Bheki Cele warned  politicians, who tried to interfere in the election process would be dealt with.

A day after millions cast their votes in the 2019 national and provincial election, reports of alleged double voting emerged.

“It’s been conclusively proven that many people were able to vote more than once. When I received reports like in the Eastern Cape yesterday I asked our guys to go and test the system. I was speaking to someone from the DA and I asked them to do the same thing and I think they did it in Soweto but the person I’ve spoken to said the tester was able to vote three times so it’s crazy someone could have voted three times.”

“Five, Six hours after voting, I went to the kitchen, grabbed the Domestos … and it (the mark on her finger) was gone. I went to the voting station where I voted, went to the presiding officer, said ‘do you mind, can you scan my ID because I want to see if it is going to come through. Scanned it, no problem – it’s (her ID number) there.”

Carter said she was given a slip and shown through to a room where she would be allowed to vote a second time.

“The second one (presiding officer) said yes, people can actually go to other voting stations and go and vote more than once.”

Carter went to five polling stations and in each case, she would have been able to vote several times.

Speaking at a security cluster news conference on Monday, Cele commended the swift arrest of 24 people, accused of trying to vote more than once.

“Indeed there is a process that statements will be taken – including those politicians who have put themselves in the position of trying to interfere with elections.”

Cele says no major incidents were reported at the nearly 23 000 voting stations across the country.

He insists police presence at all of them ensured a free and fair election.


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