Coronavirus is finally slowing down in New York and Italy – Scientist claim


A Nobel Prize-winning scientist from Stanford University has claimed the coronavirus epidemics devastating Italy and New York are finally slowing down.

Professor Michael Levitt, who accurately predicted how many cases and deaths would be predicted in China, said Italy and New York are now ‘on the mend’.

They are two of the worst-hit places in the world, with a combined 157,000 cases out of the global total of 736,000.

Italy became the epicenter of the world’s crisis after China got its situation under control but the US – with a population five times the size – has rapidly taken its place.

And New York is the most badly affected state there, with more confirmed cases (59,513) than any entire country outside of Italy (97,689), Germany (62,457), China (81,439) or Spain (85,195).

Professor Levitt said Italy had ‘turned a corner’ and its numbers of new daily cases seem to support his claim, having levelled off and hovered around 5,000-6,000 per day for the past 10 days.

New York’s situation is less certain – its new daily case count has plateaued for the past three days at just above 7,000 per day but rose fast before that. This week will be pivotal in revealing how the outbreak there could continue.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, Professor Levitt said: ‘New York City, which everyone is so sad about, is actually turning.

‘New York City has passed its midpoint and this truck called COVID that was speeding towards the wall is no longer accelerating, it’s put the brakes on and this means that… New York is on the mend.

‘In the UK there aren’t enough numbers and there are too many separate outbreaks.

‘Italy, on the other hand, has turned the corner; Switzerland has turned the corner.

‘You’ll be reading soon enough [about] Italy being on the mend, Switzerland on the mend.

‘We hope, but we’re not sure yet, that Spain has also joined this select club of people who have passed the midpoint.’

Statistics appear to back up Professor Levitt’s claim about Italy.

There were fewer new cases diagnosed yesterday, March 29 (5,974), than there were eight days ago on March 21 (5,986).


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