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“Corruption transforms the lives of the people of South Africa”.

Controversial  leader of the African Content Movement (ACM), Motsoeneng, has hit the ground with yet another choking controversy.

“I accept I am corrupt”  Motsoeneng made stunning statement on campaign trail

The former SABC boss cum politician, Hlaudi Motsoeneng revealed that he would basically sing like a canary if he was ever summoned to Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo’s commission of inquiry into state capture.

“If I go to the commission [of inquiry into state capture], some of the ANC people are going to be in trouble because I was not captured by them — they tried to capture me, but I capture myself, unfortunately,” he said.

In an attempt to mask any accountability he may have carried from the looting that occurred at the SABC — with him at the helm — Motsoeneng said that he would even admit, on record, that he too is corrupt. Except, somehow, his corruption is ‘good’ corruption.

“Maybe I should accept that I am corrupt, and I am accepting it. I am corrupt. My corruption is the good one because it is turning around the lives of the people of South Africa. That is my corruption.

“If they call me at the state capture commission, I am going to enjoy myself and I am going to tell them ‘yes, I am corrupt, but this is the good corruption,” he added.

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