Couple assaulted in their farm outside Porterville by suspected EFF sympathisers

A couple have been assaulted in their farm, after they earlier  had EFF graffiti written on their door.
This is what is haunting Desiree Taylor-Van Schalkwyk [ 45 ] after she and her husband Tobie were attacked on their farm outside Porterville on Sunday evening . Desiree was sexually assaulted and almost raped . Her husband had petrol poured out over him . The couple thought that it was their end and that they will be burnt alive .

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Desiree struggled with all the power she had to keep her legs closed whilst two attackers pinned her down and the one tried to force her legs open to rape her .
She prayed out loud and that only made the attackers more angry .
Six weeks ago the front entrance to their house was covered with graffiti . The words ” Kill the Boer “,  were sprayed in large red letters on the front entrance to their house . The couple then increased safety measures .
The attack on Sunday occurred when Tobie went to fetch a file at an office a distance away from the house . It is then that the attackers, 3 black males, slipped in at a gate .
The 3 attackers waited for Tobie in the washing room and threw him to the ground .
Tobie was kicked and hit in the face .
The attackers shouted : ” You fucking white Boer , we are gonna kill you ! ”
They wanted to know where is the firearms, but Tobie said that they don’t have firearms .
Desiree came down from the bedroom and walked into the assault that was busy taking place . She was also thrown to the ground and hit in the face .
She saw her husband lying in a pool of petrol . It was then that she thought that they will be burned alive .
It was also then that Desiree was sexually assaulted and very nearly raped .
The attackers told Tobie that he will see how his wife will be raped in front of him .
Tobie had his car keys with him . He activated the car alarm and that is what saved them . The attackers then fled .
Desiree says she is convinced that her husband saved their lives as she could see that the attackers wanted to kill them . Her husband is a paraplegic and he walks with a stick .


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  1. Malema will probably be disappointed that his troops didn’t finish the job. His inflammatory remarks sparks of this kind of behaviour, and yet nobody with authority says anything. It is becoming a fact that white lives do not matter in South Africa.

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