Court Official Killed In Verulam Magistrates Court – KZN


Court Official Killed: Verulam Magistrates Court – KZN

An employee of the Verulam Magistrates Court situated on Todd Street in the Verulam CBD was found deceased shortly after attending a Heritage Day Function at work today (Friday).

RUSA Medics were dispatched to the scene after the man was found by his work colleagues lying at the foot of a flight of stairs. He was bleeding excessively from his nose and mouth. He was declared deceased upon arrival of Medics.

The incident was captured on CCTV which showed the Mzinyati – Inanda resident seated at the top of a flight of stairs shortly after he left the court library. He then appears to have suffered a seizure before he rolls down the stairs. He is seen bleeding in the video prior to the fall. It is yet to be confirmed if his death was trauma or medically related.

The deceased was employed at the court as a clerk. He attended a work function with colleagues however he left to pick up his cellphone charger from the court library. He may have been returning to the function when the incident occurred.

Police are on scene and investigating further.


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